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                                                                                                     FAQs                                                                                       (Frequently Asked Questions)  1. Do you have Sushi?  Sorry, we do not.  2. Do you accept payments over the phone?  Sorry, we do not.  3. Do you take checks?  Sorry, we do not.  4. Do you accept EBTs?  Sorry, we do not.  5. Do you cater?  Yes, we do.  Please, feel free to contact us about it.  6. Who are those people in the digital picture frame at the counter?  Those are pictures of our family and of customers.           If you would like your picture displayed on it then, please, give us a picture to scan and we will add it into our device.  7. Do you serve alcohol?  Sorry, we do not.  8. Do you ever close?  Yes.  Two days we are ALWAYS closed are Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  We might close for           other holidays or for another reason…but those are rare.  9. Do you have a buffet?  Sorry, we do not. 10. Why did you downgrade your website?  We’re hoping this more simplistic design will work on more browsers and           platforms than our old one did.  Also, this design is easier to update on a regular basis.  So, current prices will be shown. 11. Do you use beansprouts?  Sorry, we do not.  We are, first and foremost, a family restaurant and children just do not           like many vegetables.  Therefore, we decided to no longer keep it in stock. 12. Do you put peas and carrots in your Fried Rice?  Sorry, we do not.  Why?  See number eleven… 13. Do you give samples of food so I can try out a dish?  Sorry, we do not. 14. Do you accept Apple/Samsung Pay?  We do but we don’t list it because so few people actually use it. 15. Do you have brown rice?  Sorry, we do not.  
Chou-Lee’s Chinese Restaurant